1. The Best of Prague - Mobility Scooter Tour

This tour is a fantastic introduction to Prague. You will see the main monuments of the Old Town and also the other bank of the Vltava River as we will cross the Charles Bridge to explore the quiet, romantic corners of the Lesser Town. On the way, we will not miss the Municipal House and the Powder Gate, Old Town Square with its Astronomical Clock, the Klementinum, the Infant Jesus of Prague, St. Nicolas Church, the Rudolfinum, the Karolinum, the Estates Theatre, Wenceslas Square, and countless other churches, palaces and historical monuments.

Duration: 4 hours


2. Old Town and Jewish Town by Mobility Scooter

On this tour you will get to know the Old Town in detail as we criss-cross this truly medieval section of Prague. Apart from the top attractions like the Astronomical Clock, the Municipal House and the monuments of the Jewish ghetto, you will also see Bethlehem Chapel and the Convent of St. Agnes and get "lost" in hidden places and maze-like streets. During the tour you will hear about the history of Prague and the ghetto, and also legends, like the one about Golem.

Duration: 3 hours


3. New Town by Mobility Scooter – On the Road to Democracy

This tour will take you to the heart of Prague where monuments from the times of Charles IV played witness to the most important events in modern Czechoslovak history: the foundation of the Czechoslovak Republic, the German occupation, the Prague Spring of 1968, communist "totality", and the Velvet Revolution.

You will see the church where paratroopers spent their last moments after the assassination of R. Heydrich. We will guide you through places where Russian tanks rolled and to the memorial to Jan Palach, who set himself on fire in protest against the Russian occupation. And you will not miss Narodni Trida, either, where on November 17, 1989 the police brutally stopped a student demonstration.

The tour includes Wenceslas Square with the National Museum, New Town Hall and Charles Square, the Dancing House (Fred and Ginger), the National Theatre, and many more.

Duration: 3 hours


4. Christmas Scooter Tour

Enjoy the magical atmosphere of Christmas in Prague. Of course you will see monuments, but we will also visit Christmas markets and places with Christmas decorations. Your guide will let you know everything about Czech Christmas traditions. We recommend taking an afternoon/evening tour when all the lights are on. Available in December.

Duration: 3 hours


5. Individually Tailored Mobility Scooter Tour

Are you interested in something in particular? If you have any special requirements with regard to topic, route, length, etc., please fill in the form. We will be in touch shortly about the possibility of your plan and its cost.

Duration: ?


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